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Top 5 Tips For Marketing a Successful Livestock Sale

You’ve done it. After countless long days and perhaps many years of hard work and dedication, you’ve got a set of livestock that you feel are ready for the next level. All the blood, sweat, and tears you put into managing and caring for the stock is evident, and you’re proud of the quality you have to offer. So, now what? Well, it’s time to share your hard work with the world.

Hosting a sale, whether virtually or in person, is an exciting opportunity to gain customers and truly showcase your best stock. However, a marketing plan is necessary for a sale reach its full potential, resulting in a higher payday for you.

Consider these livestock sale marketing tips:

1.Professional Photography and Videography.

This may be a no-brainer for most folks, but having a professional livestock photographer capture images of your livestock and their best features is key.

  • Livestock photographers typically have backgrounds in livestock production themselves, so they’re able to put their know-how to good use in making sure that heifer or gilt looks just right.

  • Professional photos and video helps customers perceive the value of the stock.

  • Videos are especially important for online sales, where buyers could be shopping from all across the country. Giving your prospective customers a clear understanding of the structure and mobility of your stock as they prepare to bid is so important.

Professional livestock photos of a black steer and a white steer.

2.Share BTS POVs (Behind the Scenes Point of View!)

It’s important to be authentic with your customers and storytelling has amazing power in marketing. Building relationships and sharing a bit more about your life on your business’s social media page can help prospective customers feel like they know you IRL.

  • Share daily happenings on the farm/ranch.

  • Introduce key people who are part of the operation.

  • Share the story behind your operation.

  • Give personal feedback on each of the lots available in the sale.

3. Social Media Strategy.

All the good events in life come with a bit of a countdown, don’t they? That’s why Advent calendars are so popular – counting down to Christmas! Being sure to consistently post on your farm or ranch’s social media accounts is a great way to let customers know about the sale day or the online sale.

  • Create videos or engaging graphics to share about the sale.

  • Create a custom Facebook header or Profile photo to highlight the sale.

  • Use hashtags on your posts (like #shorthorncattle or #showpig) so that they reach a wider audience.

  • Respond to comments or questions people leave on your posts. The algorithm loves interaction!

  • Pro tip - If you’re looking to really reach new customers, social media platforms also offer some paid advertising options that can target people with livestock interests.

Two social media graphics advertising a show pig sale.

4. Recap the event.

You may think the hard work comes to a close after the sale closes, but there’s one last marketing task at hand: the recap.

  • Be sure to post a big THANK YOU to your buyers on your social media or in a newsletter.

  • Share your favorite photos from the day, key milestones, or what the day meant to you and your operation.

And last, but certainly not least...

5.Get Marketing Expertise from your Friends at Pannell Enterprises.

If you read this list of tips and still aren’t sure where to start (or what IRL means?) then working with Pannell Enterprises may be a great fit for you. The team at Pannell Enterprises is well-versed in the livestock industry and has grown sale day profits for many livestock operations across the United States. Information on Pannell Enterprises sale marketing packages can be found here or you can contact us to get started.

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