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Brand Your Legacy

As a business owner, you probably hear a lot about branding: building a brand, protecting your brand, advertising your brand. But what exactly goes into a company's brand? 

An infographic about branding with a steer in the background.

A brand is a uniquely identifiable product or service at the surface level. We tie many brand names to consumer goods, like Kleenex, Coke, or Scotch Tape. While there are competitors in their respective markets, these brands have become so well known that you don't even realize what you need is a face tissue; it's known as a Kleenex. 

Creating a custom logo and style guide is one way to differentiate your company. The custom style guide encompasses everything from recommendations on how to use logo files, your brand’s primary colors and fonts to establishing your positioning statement and taglines. 

Working with Pannell Enterprises can help elevate your brand in various ways. It's a smart idea for new businesses to work with a marketing agency to help establish some of those company items, like logos. I recently spoke with Kim Franzen, one of Pannell Enterprises' graphic designers, to ask her more about the brand creation process. Kim has over a decade of experience in graphic design and has worked with big and small companies to establish their brand identity. 

Q: Why should someone work with a marketing agency with professional graphic design services, like Pannell Enterprises? 

A: "Graphic designers can add professionalism to existing ideas or help build a brand from the ground up. To create a consistent brand story that is easily understood,  we can help shape your positioning statements A positioning statement describes what you offer, who you offer it to, and how you make your client’s  life easier. This statement becomes the key message shared across all digital and print marketing material so there is a clear understanding of the value your service or product provides. Branding is the first impression your clients encounter and affects how they perceive your offering.  Taking your brand elements and turning them into visuals is our specialty." 

Q: As a graphic designer, what items are you considering as you help establish  a brand for a new client? 

A: "Your brand is your story. It's how you communicate your business values and unique market position with your target audience. So I am thinking about who your target client is, including how old they are, what their profession is, and popular products or services they trust to make their life easier. When I know who you are targeting, I then think about what your business offers that other businesses don't. Your unique market position sets you apart and is an important piece of building your brand." 

Q: How do colors and fonts impact a brand?

A: "Colors have meanings and speak to us subconsciously. Many people don't recognize that, but it's true. For example, red is very attention-grabbing and associated with energy and power; blue is a popular corporate color, associated with knowledge and loyalty.. Fonts, which vary greatly in shape and style, inform your brand story. Some more serious brands may use sans-serif fonts with straight lines and low stroke contrast, whereas more creative industries may use serif fonts with more details and contrasting strokes."

Q: Why would someone want to work with Pannell Enterprises to build their brand? 

A: "We really get to know your business and your passions. We learn your goals and your competitors and get a solid grasp of what your business does. I love coming up with ideas for clients. If people hire the Pannell Enterprises team, you're working with passionate people who have the technical knowledge to help your business grow. We care about you and your business and want you to succeed."

Are you ready to establish your brand or take it to the next level? Contact us today to get started.

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