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We are Jacy and Katy Pannell. We grew up on a ranch in Northeast Wyoming where our family raised cows and sold bulls in our annual bull sale. 

We have partnered together to meet all of your marketing and event needs. We both know how stressful it can be to start a business and plan all the details of an event. When you want to enjoy your efforts, you are still trying to capture the perfect photos to show how that work paid off.


That is where we come in! 

We can both help with any small business marketing needs to help you get your business started on the right foot. Jacy can plan all of the details of your event - from start to finish - while Katy captures every important moment and delivers a portfolio of photos for you to remember your amazing event! 

Contact us now so we can help create the perfect event for you! 

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Jacy Pannell


Jacy currently lives in Mankato, MN. She has had over 5 years of meeting event planning experiences. She knows the importance of all the small details and how they can make an event run smoother. 

Katy Pannell


Katy currently lives outside of Newcastle, WY. She has a passion for creating an experience with her photography and leaving viewers with a memory of their special days.