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5 Steps to Reaching Your Ideal Customer on Social Media

"Does my business really need to be on social media?"

This is a question I get asked far more often that I thought I would, and the short answer is




While social media shouldn't be your only avenue of marketing your business, it absolutely needs to be a piece of your overall strategy. It's a great way to reach and engage with your ideal customers, establish yourself as a reputable business, and build trust and authority with your audience.

The next question I get is, "Where do I start?"

Here are the 5 steps I recommend using to develop a social media strategy that reaches your ideal customers.

Identify your target audience

Write down everything you know about your ideal customers. Age, where they live, what their family life looks like, what they do for work, their education, their goals, etc. After you have identified who your ideal customer is, figure out why your ideal customer needs your help.

Develop your content pillars

Start by deciding what you want people to say about your business. From this, develop 3-5 content pillars to bucket your content into.

Outline your content

Start by outlining the big things that happen each month including holidays, events, sales, promotions, products or services that are used more that month and messaging you want to be sure to include during certain times of the year.

Map out your content calendar

Using your content pillars and outline start mapping our your content by weeks and then days. Include the style of content (Reel, Static Post, Carousel, Story, Blog, E-mail, etc.) and a preview of the caption or topic.

Create & implement

I recommend developing content plans for two weeks to a month in advance. Once you've created your content calendar, write out your full captions and develop your graphics. Canva is a really great option for creating graphics.



You are on your way to developing a strong social media presence! While you're at it, don't forget to engage with your audience!


Are you looking for more support? Social media isn't for the faint of heart. If you are feeling like you need extra support. Let's Chat!

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